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There aren’t many of us who haven’t found ourselves to be in financial straits at some time or another. But during the Covid-19 Pandemic everything has changed and the challenges we have faced unprecedented. More than ever we need to know what we can do to protect our finances so that we can face the future with hope.

From today, we will be posting advice on what Government and Creditors such as credit card companies, loan providers and others are doing to support customers (eg, you), through the Covid-19 crisis.

The most urgent commitment is to keep a roof over your head. If you have been furloughed, laid off or on reduced wages then you may have struggled to pay the mortgage or rent.

The Government spokespeople announce all sorts of help and advice but it can be a bit overwhelming and anything that applies to your own circumstances tends to get lost a bit.

So yes, help is available, but you should be aware that the options available to you depend on whether your mortgage account was up to date before the crisis began. However, there are other options if you have already experienced arrears before the Pandemic began.


Mortgage payments.

The Government has introduced a number of measures to help people who are struggling financially during the coronavirus crisis. These include mortgage payment breaks. HDP staff can advise you about this.

If you had mortgage arrears before the virus, there is help available but you should contact your creditor as soon as possible to discuss what options are available to you.

Although you could fear that your home will be repossessed, this is always a last resort and you’ll be surprised at how much help there is for you providing you face up to the problem and meet it head on before things get out of control. HDP can guide you through it all if you are anxious about doing it yourselves.

If you don’t pay your mortgage on time your provider will contact you to find out why and what the problem is. Don’t ignore them hoping they’ll go away and leave you alone. They won’t and they’ll be far more amenable to help you if you acknowledge the problem and do something about it.

They will usually give you the option to pay what you owe in full or consider an agreement to pay the arrears in instalments if you can’t pay the full amount.

But what if you rent?

If you are in arrears with your rent, your landlord or letting agency can take steps to evict you. You do however have the chance to avoid this. So it is vitally important that you address your problem immediately.

If you haven’t yet contacted your landlord about your arrears you will need to do this straight away. Don’t forget, many landlords have mortgages on the property you are renting so they aren’t being necessarily unfair to you to badger you for their rent. They have to deal with the mortgage company themselves. It can become like a line of dominoes falling. They will appreciate your efforts to get back on track and HDP can help you put together a budget and work out how much you can afford to pay. This can be shown to your landlord by way of a new payment arrangement so they can see you are offering them the most you can manage rather than just not pay anything at all. But once agreed, you really must keep to this new payment arrangement. Also, if they don’t agree, or if they don’t reply, it is very important you make the payments anyway.

As always, it’s really important to have help and advice from those in the know. That’s why HDP and their staff are ready at the end of the telephone to help you through this difficult time. People who HDP have helped in the past always say that the first phone call is the most difficult but once they’ve got through and explained their problem, the relief they felt was incredible.

Why you should contact us today?

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  • We are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Our Debt Advisors are mature, professional and experienced whilst providing a confidential service.
  • They have over twenty years experience in helping people just like you.

Next time we’ll be dealing with Credit Card debts.


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